DEMONX ( 2d platform hentai game )
Demons have invaded us from hell 
and only one man can save the city and the girls.

Estoy usando el programa scirra construct 2. 
Si hay algun español por ahi que conozca este software o tenga interes en ayudar en algun aspecto estaria bien



SMURFETTE ( fanart ,comic 38 pages )
Smurfette is kidnapped with another smurf girl by gargamel. The two must work together to escape and return to the Smurf village in an intense odyssey.


SEX IN BUS ( precocious ,story 9 pages )
Boy travels in bus with a sexy girl to the side.


CHUN LI VERSUS HORSE ( fanart ,comic, unknown pages)
The strongest woman of world is challenged in a ring to fuck a horse and see who endures more.

GARGOYLES ( fanart, comic ,unknown pages )
Elisa know what goliath feels for her, but he is shy and she decides to take the next step. They have all night.


ZOMBITA part 1 ( original ,comic 17pages )
Comic about zombie universe .
A survivor meets a sexy teen zombie and he decides to take her to house.


THE POSSESSION 2 ( precocious, story , unknown pages )


HERMIONE ( fanart, comic , unknown pages )


DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS ( fanart, comic , unknown pages )


THE GOD OF THE FIRE MOUNTAIN ( precocious, comic , unknown pages )

A child is kidnapped by a tribe of Amazons. The mother should rescue him.


THE DRAWING ( precocious, comic , 33 pages )

A teacher sees the drawing that one of her students has made and begins to obsess about him.