A color picture at 600dpi is 150€ ( 2 characters ) , +20€ ( each extra character )

A BN picture ( black and white ) at 600dpi is 50€.

A story ( secuence illustrated - 8 pages ) at 600dpi is 1000€.

A comic ( 10 pages ) at 600dpi is 1500€.

All prices may change slightly according to the difficulty of the order ( characters number, background, process corrections .... )

If the client requests I don´t expose it anywhere. Totally private

In principle I need information on the picture or comic (context, character, position, level of sex and some other details that the customer want )
When you know how it is work, would make a sketch or even several to send to the client for his choice.
Upon receipt of the amount agreed in my bank account I begin to make the picture. Take the process on the order of 1 week or 1 month.

I don´t draw gay and shemale themes, extreme violence (mutilation, beheadings, bodies out ...), non-fiction people and children would have to think depends on what is requested.

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